AWS is all about the latest bridal fashion, beauty and up-to-date news in the Asian Wedding industry, and connecting couples with their ideal Asian Wedding Supplier.

We present you with ideas and real life stories from brides across the world to share experiences in the build-up to your big day. There will be a lot to consider and organise, and emotions can run high. That’s why we will present you with tips and expert advice on what to look for when choosing your ideal supplier.

We have a variety of suppliers on our Directory from across the UK to cater to your Asian Wedding. Having come from the Wedding industry and having been brides ourselves we understand the value of the relationship between supplier and client.

Furthermore you will get to hear from suppliers themselves. As a bride, this is an exciting time for you and we are here to inspire you! 

Han (Left) & Sandi (Right)

Free Public Forum

We also provide a free public forum for everyone that visits our website. This is a great way for couples to interact with one another to plan their big day. The forum provides a platform for couples to ask questions directly to suppliers.

Religious Weddings

We believe it is important to acknowledge different cultural and cross-cultural weddings. As well as different religious weddings, which take place in the UK. Our mission is to provide couples with suppliers, which are a suitable match for their wedding.

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